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Mereka Connect is more than just a tool – it’s an ecosystem that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and community.
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any entity that possess valuable resources or expertise to share. Whether you’re a collective, registered business, or simply a one-person show, anybody can become a Hub as long as you have services to offer!
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Our Strategic Partners

We’ve joined hands with some major organizations for our efforts in fostering the creative Hub community– and we’re always on the hunt for more partners to collaborate with as well!

Our Community Events

Kita Mereka 1.0

In January of 2023, we held Kita Mereka 1.0 to celebrate Mereka Connect's vibrant community of 175+ creative Hubs across 6 countries, honoring standout creative Hubs with awards. The night also fostered community bonding with a line art therapy workshop and mental health talk by myWIPhealing; a community platform that promotes mental health education and healing effort through arts.

Connect The Dots

Connect the Dots was planned as a way for the creative community to get together and connect with people from all walks of life while keeping things fun. Participants had the opportunity to meet and learn from creatives in different industries, share their experiences, and gain new insights to help them in their careers or personal lives. Held at our Makerspace in Publika Shopping Gallery, it was a night of engaging conversations with a group of interesting people!

Connect The Dots: Theraparty

The second entry of our meetup series, “Connect the Dots: Theraparty” injected a theme of mental health and self-discovery into our original formula of creative networking. The main event of the meetup was an art therapy workshop by The Artsy Craftsy; a platform that cultivates creativity and curates the Malaysian DIY crafts, art and handmade scene. During the guided session, participants completed an art piece and shared the stories behind their work. As an added bonus, the meetup featured  dinner, a photo booth, and live music!

Experience Spotlight

Check out our case studies for a peek at what your partnership with Mereka Connect could look like!

Tamu Tanah & Air

Borneo Heart’s Tamu Tanah & Air was a huge hit on Mereka Connect, drawing 550 participants and RM 10,00 in sales over just one weekend. Their success formula: listing 14 diverse Experiences, meticulous planning, our on-ground team support and engaging promotional materials, beginner-friendly activities for all ages, and robust cross-promotional social media strategies involving multiple parties!

Tiffin At The Yard

Tiffin At The Yard's Comedy and Quiz Nights on Mereka Connect consistently sell out, generating over RM 22,000 in 9 months. Key success factors include their trendy venue location, the ever-popular and varied themes of each comedy and quiz night, and affordable ticket prices of RM 30 and RM 15. The team's on-site assistance with sales and check-ins further enhances the experience for participants.


Mereka Connect's collaboration with RIUH was a huge milestone – it marked our first time hosting a major Hub that was offering multiple paid Experiences in one day! Notably, we joined hands with RIUH for two of their standout events: ROCK 'N RIUH and RIUH Raya, with our partnership leading to some important connections being made. Working closely with RIUH gave us deeper insights into understanding the perspectives of our fellow Hubs and allowed us to tailor our approach to fit their operations better!

Hin Bus Depot

Our partnership with Hin Bus Depot, a Pilot Partner Hub from 2021, took a significant leap in October 2022 when they started exclusively listing their film screenings on Mereka Connect. February 2023 saw intense activity from Hin Bus Depot on the platform with them listing recurring Experiences in advance, all the way through to June. They also wholeheartedly embraced our coupon feature to provide discounts to their users!

As seen on...

Our Community in Snapshots

Over the years, we’ve fostered countless treasured moments with our Hubs. Join us in a visual trip down memory lane and take a look at what makes the Mereka Connect community so special.

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