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Welcome to UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect, the programme linking you to creative hubs across the UK and South East Asia. Join us on an enriching journey of new networks, opportunities and resources.

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Explore avenues of growth with UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect and our network of hubs across South East Asia and the UK. Be a part of this growing community to gain knowledge, learn from your peers, build new connections, collaborate with the community and grow your business.

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Join the UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect to make your hub known to the world and start connecting with your peers.

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Discover our line-up of exciting events exclusively curated for the UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect community.

UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect Grand Launch
10 Feb, 3pm - 6pm
COVID-19 Impact to the Arts Report
10 Feb, 3pm - 6pm
British Council Hubs for Good Programme Seed...
10 Feb, 3pm - 6pm
A Guide for Public Art Projects
10 Feb, 3pm - 6pm
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Why Join the UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect?

Network, Learn and Collaborate

with creative experts across the UK and South East Asia

Create new advocacy pathways

for the development and support of creative hubs to encourage new national policies to better support the creative economy

Make a positive impact

for social, cultural and economic growth for your local creative ecosystem

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