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Over the past 3 years, the British Council has supported creative hubs' communities in Malaysia  through its “Hubs For Good” programme. The programme covered five countries in South East Asia – Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines – providing research, capacity building, collaborations, advocacy and networking opportunities.

Creative hubs are catalysts for social, economic and cultural development in their communities.

Hubs are changemakers that spur cultural dynamism and encourage the exchange of new ideas and options amongst art practitioners and the larger community.

Together with Yayasan Sime Darby, and Cultural Centre, University Malaya, the British Council Malaysia’s “Hubs For Good” programme delivered interrelated projects, including a country-wide mapping and research on local creative hubs compiled into the digital directory “Creative Hubs Malaysia”, the development of a toolkit for existing and future hubs leaders, and capacity-building activities to educate and upskill hub managers.

Now, it’s time for the next chapter.

South East Asia is the world’s 5th largest economy in terms of combined GDP. Because of this,  we are now seeing a surge of new arts practitioners as more people join the creative economy.  However the region still lacks the necessary platforms to connect hub managers to each other and to the larger community. Creative hubs in these countries also need more collaboration, funding, research and support.

UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect offers direct access to expertise in the UK and South East Asia, and creates opportunities for creative hubs and hub leaders to connect with each other and grow their audience. The programme also creates new advocacy pathways for the development and support of creative hubs to encourage new national policies to better support arts practitioners and creative entrepreneurs, and connects with local stakeholders who remain largely unaware of the impact of hubs on society.

The British Council is working with Mereka Connect (Malaysia) and Baltic Creative CIC (UK) to connect creative hubs across South East Asia and the UK.

The UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect programme links established South East Asian creative hubs with direct access to networks, resources and research from over 80 hubs in the UK, all on a single platform.

This new platform is driven by Mereka Connect, as the hosting platform, and anchor in the South East Asian region, working alongside Baltic Creative CIC which will be building the UK network of hubs in collaboration with the British Council.

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